The Postal Service, in an effort to make targeting mailing easier and more cost effective has developed a new program call Every Door Direct Mail, otherwise known as EDDM. The Postal Service’s Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) allows you to reach out and market products and services in the local market. EDDM is a new and exciting way to target consumers and Wecando Print is here to help with new EDDM compliant products that carry Wecando Print’s “seal” of quality and reliability on numerous size mailers at a discounted postage rate starting at just $0.145 per piece and allows you to mail much lower quantities of mail than previously available.

A summary of how Wecando Print can help you with the EDDM service is setting up large post cards that meet the Post Office’s required sizes and mailing them to set carrier routes within a zip code. This is highly effective for realtor’s that just sold a house in a set neighborhood that wants to mail to all of the neighbors with the area but not the entire zip code. Zip codes are divided into multiple carrier routes so you can mail to 400 homes and businesses in the zip code instead of all 4000. EDDM does not require a purchased list, because you are mailing to every single home in the carrier route. You can decide whether to deliver to just the businesses, homes, rural routes, and / or P.O. Boxes. You can even request to skip certain addresses that you don’t want to see your great new marketing plan…say your competition for example.

You can use Every Door Direct Mail to:

  • Target a location without an address list
  • Send out local mailings or national campaigns
  • Build more traffic
  • Find new customers
  • Increase revenue
  • Reduce mail preparation costs
Who can benefit from Every Door Direct Mail?

  • Retailers
  • Auto dealerships
  • Arts organizations
  • Restaurants
  • Business services
  • Attorneys
  • Doctors
  • Dry cleaners
  • Contractors
  • Realtors

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To get more information about how EDDM works, please visit the USPS website at https://eddm.usps.com/eddm/ or just click HERE!